Who We Are

Mission Statement

Provide the highest quality services for low slope roofs, using the most honest, efficient and safest methods available.


What We Offer

New Construction

  Langerak Roof Systems has a proven track record of being a subcontractor that provides high quality work for any job we encounter. We work closely with the General Contractor

Roof Replacement

  When the time comes that a building's roof need to be replaced, Langerak Roof Systems is the company to call. Langerak has an established system to make the roof

Metal Roof Retro-Fit

  Many building owners choose to install a metal roof on their new buildings. However over the course of time, especially in the Michigan climate, these roof can deteriorate to

Roof Inspections

  Langerak Roof Systems offers roof inspections for building owners and prospective buyers. These inspections involve a trip to the building site to look over the roof to determine the

Roof Repairs

  Over the course of time everything breaks down and deteriorates. Your building's roof is no exception. Holes become punctured easier, flashings on the walls and roof top units can

Roof Maintenance

  Roof Maintenance is an important part of prolonging the life expectancy of your roof. In providing this service Langerak would conduct an inspection of your roof and provide a