Metal Roof Retro-Fit

Many building owners choose to install a metal roof on their new buildings. However over the course of time, especially in the Michigan climate, these roof can deteriorate to the point where they require significant repairs or even replacement. Metal roofs are prone to several different leak types: Rust, cracked penetrations, ice or water back up and expansion/contraction related issues. But these roof can be recovered in small sections to address problem areas or on the whole to completely eliminate these issues. These types of retrofit projects can increase energy efficiency for the building and extend the life of the current roof for many years.
Langerak Roof Systems is very proficient in determining the need required for the building, designing a system for it, and the installation of the designed system. We have installed these systems on many large buildings and won several awards on these also. This is a proven system and Langerak is the best installer for it.
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July 8, 2015