Roof Inspections

Langerak Roof Systems offers roof inspections for building owners and prospective buyers. These inspections involve a trip to the building site to look over the roof to determine the status of the roof and it’s flashings, the approximate life remaining for the current system, and any current or upcoming issues that need to be addressed. Once the inspection is completed, the owner is provided with a detailed report regarding the findings of the inspection, a roof diagram showing the size and penetrations on the roof, and pictures to support the findings.
This inspection system is beneficial for prospective building owners because they can have a trained professional determine the current status of their roof, allowing them to make a more educated determination on the usability of the building for their purposes.
This inspection service is also very beneficial for building owners because it allows the owner to ensure that the roof that they had installed is protecting the investment that they have in their building. It also proactively discover any leak issues that may arise in the near future, and coupled with the suggested maintanance can significantly prolong the life span of the roof system and nearly eliminate the leaks that could arise from roof deterioration.
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July 8, 2015