Roof Repairs

Over the course of time everything breaks down and deteriorates. Your building’s roof is no exception. Holes become punctured easier, flashings on the walls and roof top units can get pulled loose. Eventually, even the best of roofs of any type will need to be repaired at some point. When these leak issues occur not only are they a nuisance, if they are not taken care of the can cause much larger issues. For example, as the leaking continues the water that gets under the membrane on the roof will begin to permeate the insulation, causing the insulation to lose its insulating ability, costing more in heating and cooling costs. If the water continues to be in contact with the roof deck, it can cause deterioration allowing the deck to lose it’s structural integrity. What was once a small repair that could have been easily and inexpensively fixed, has the potential to become a significant structural issue. To avoid these issues and others, Call Langerak Roof Systems at the first sign that there is a roof issue, and we will make sure that your roof leak is short lived.
Roof leaks can be produced by a wide variety of causes, not just a fault in your roof. The Service Department personnel at Langerak Roof Systems began their careers installing roofs for several years before they could achieve a position in this department. This assures you a courteous service technician will be in contact with you that has many years of roof top experience. Our Service Technician will find the problem that is contributing to leakage in your building, whether it is a fault in your roof, condensation, windows, walls, or the roof-top equipment and either repair the issue if able or inform you of the work that needs to be completed.
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July 8, 2015