Roof Replacement

When the time comes that a building’s roof need to be replaced, Langerak Roof Systems is the company to call. Langerak has an established system to make the roof replacement process the smoothest possible.

Langerak will discuss the needs of the owner to determine the best roof that will fit the owner’s needs. Examine the roof and surrounding building site to verify the conditions of the roof and building. If we find that the roof does not require a full replacement we will recommend the necessary repairs instead. During this inspection we will also ensure that the owners desires can be met, and will not be limited by the status of the roof.


Once authorization has been received, the Field Superintendent will begin scheduling for the work to begin. This will include planning the safety needs, material delivery time and location on site, and the tentative time frame for work to begin.


Once the construction begins the Roof Installation Manger will stay in constant contact with the Field Superintendent and the building owner to ensure that the owner receives the best roof available and avoids any issues that may arise throughout the course of the job. The Roof Installation Manger will also install a nightly water tight seal each night to make sure that no water will enter the building throughout the course of the project.


After the project is completed, the Field Superintendent will verify the quality of the installation with the material manufacturer’s Technical Representative. At this time the Field Superintendent will also check the building grounds to make certain that the building grounds are left in pristine condition and speak with the owner to make sure that the roof has been meeting their expectations thus far.

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July 8, 2015