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Low Slope Roofing

What is low slope roofing?

Low slope roofing is generally considered the installation of a roof that has a slope less than 3:12 (three inches up for every 12 inches across). These kinds of roofs are found most often on larger, commercial or industrial buildings. There are several kinds of roof that can be installed on low slope roofs.

Commercial Roofing

What is commercial roofing?

Commercial roofing is roofing that is done on any non-residential buildings. A few examples of commercial buildings could be office buildings, Apartment or Condo Complexes, Industrial Plants, Educational Facilities, Pharmacies, Retail stores, Hospitals. These kinds of buildings generally are large, can have a variety of different roof top units mounted on them, and can be architecturally complex to achieve an aesthetically pleasing exterior. Other considerations that must be accounted for when reroofing a commercial building are the impact to the employees working in the building if the building is occupied, a variety of sensitive equipment that could be located inside (Computers, Data Storage), the amount and density of the units that are on the roof, and customers and tenants of the business that cannot be disturbed.

Langerak Roof Systems has a vast amount of experience working on commercial roofs and has received countless awards for the quality of our installation. We have the experience to account for all of the complexities that can be encountered on any given job and to overcome any consideration that might arise for a given job.


  • Spectrum Heart Center
  • Cascade office building
  • West Michigan Office Complex
  • Haworth Office
  • Rider
  • Farmers Corporate Office
  • Aquanita hall
  • Alticor Data Center


Industrial Roofing

What is industrial roofing?

Industrial roofing is roofing is a subset of commercial roofing that takes place specifically on an industrial building. Because of the differences in classification of the business inside, commercial vs. industrial, industrial roofing is quite often listed separately from commercial roofing even though it is a subclasification of commercial roofing. A few examples of an industrial building could be a manufacturing or packaging plants. These buildings tend to be larger more open buildings. Some of the major concerns that can be encountered in this type of roofing work could be, extra care for the product being produced underneath, or the quality of an air seal for refrigerated buildings.

Langerak Roof Systems has encountered these and address these and many other concerns that have arisen from reroofing projects. We deliver our work on time, with minimal impact to any type of production.


  • Amway manufacturing areas
  • Haworth (steel plant)
  • The Stow Building
  • Steelcase Wood plant
  • Chase Farms
  • Ice Mountain
  • Michigan Turkey Producers
  • Sysco Food
  • Creme Curl Bakery


Types of Roof Services:

There are several services that Langerak Roof Systems can offer on a low slope roof. They can be found below:

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July 8, 2015